Privacy Policy

Information will be collected in order to fulfill product requests placed by our clients. This page explains our privacy practice and how we treat your information. We are committed to transparency and want to make it clear that we respect our client’s privacy. Your personal information may be provided to us via registration for an account, signing up for newsletters and purchasing a product on our page. Such information includes your name, email address, shipping address and billing details.

Payment Security

Moo Collection Calligraphy uses Stripe as our payment platform. Stripe’s platform includes comprehensive security and compliance tools to help keep payments safe and meets the highest certification standards. We are confident that your payment details are safe and protected with Stripe as this platform is in close partnership with world-class security experts. It has also obtained regulatory licenses around the world.

Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL)

Moo Collection Calligraphy uses encrypted Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) to protect your data. SSL are cryptographic protocols designed to provide communications security over a computer network. It established an encrypted link between a web server (Moo Collection Calligraphy) and a web browser (you in this case). SSL is easily recognised by a padlock sign which appears on the left hand side, next to the link of our website. This encryption ensures that all data remains private and secure. Moo Collection Calligraphy will not share your data with any other organisations unless there is a violation of the terms and conditions or that we are required to provide evidence against suspected fraudulent activity.

Any questions regarding to our privacy and security can be directed to