Carbon Neutral Shipping

Moo Collection Calligraphy has always been conscious about the environmental impacts businesses contribute to our planet. We are a big advocate of environmental sustainability and mitigating climate change. Therefore, it is important for us to reduce our carbon footprint and to offset our emissions as a result from the products shipments. Any carbon emissions that are released to the atmosphere from the products shipments are counterbalanced by our donations to sustainable reforestation projects. Forests and trees are one of the most effective solutions to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and to mitigate climate change. Moreover, reforestation will help us to restore biodiversity. Nature gives us so much and I think it is only right for us to return the favour. This comes at no extra cost to our customers as the shipping costs will be the same. The donation for carbon offset projects comes from our profit margin. We partner with On A Mission and donate 4% of our revenue to restore the forests. For every £1 donated, a tree is planted. If you are interested in knowing more about what we do to offset our emissions from the shipments, you can subscribe for our monthly newsletter. We always aim for transparency in Moo Collection Calligraphy. We believe that businesses, together with consumers should take the initiative to create a cleaner and healthier planet.

Plastic-free Products and Packaging

Moo Collection Calligraphy would not like to contribute to more plastic pollution in the world. Therefore, our cards and packaging are made from materials that have been ethically sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests - FSC® certified. They are also 100% recyclable. Most stationery products from Moo Collection Calligraphy are plastics-free, unless they are supplied by existing brands as Finetec, Winsor and Newton. We would like to revolutionize stationery shopping. Do we really need a plastic film around the calligraphy pen holder? Or is it necessary to wrap a plastic film on every card that will be sent out?